Yoga in your workplace

Employers – have you considered offering your employees the opportunity to practice yoga in the workplace?

Many forward thinking employers are investing in their staff and embracing the benefits of yoga providing a one hour yoga class each week. Yoga provides techniques to lower stress and anxiety reducing sickness and absenteeism. It also develops focus and concentration improving productivity. Many clients of mine have reported sleeping better after just one class.

“We really enjoyed a block of yoga, delivered by the lovely Liz, here at Churchtown Primary School.  The sessions were well organised and resourced and we were all very welcomed warmly.  Liz was able to cater for everyone in the group, depending on our abilities, with everyone feeling safe, secure and at ease.  The moves that we took on developed week by week, building on what we had previously mastered.  These sessions really made us realise how important it is to have an hour to ourselves, during our very hectic lifestyles, where you can take the time to catch your breath…and just breathe!”

I was a Litigation solicitor in London for 10 years and have personal experience of the particular demands of the Industry and the commercial world. In my classes I provide relaxation time, lifestyle tips, and mindfulness and meditation techniques which help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.
Yoga can assist everyone in finding patience and peace in our busy lives in and outside the workplace.
Contact me directly for details of prices and availability in Southport and the wider area.