Restore and Renew Yoga

Yoga Classes in Southport

Classes are at the Dairy, 91a King Street, PR8 1LQ on Mondays at 19:00-20:00 & Fridays at 18.30-19:30. £6 for one hour.

Pre-booking is required so please contact me to confirm your place in advance.

Restore & Renew Yoga

Yoga is a holistic practice bringing balance to the body and mind (physically, energetically and emotionally).Give yourself an hour to slow down in this restorative yoga class. Taking traditional hatha yoga poses but focusing on postures for longer, settling into them and relaxing deep onto the mat.

Restorative yoga (or Yin Yoga) has many health benefits and can help lower blood pressure and ease symptoms of stress and anxiety.

This class is suitable for all levels, all ages and all body shapes. The focus is not on muscular strength but on releasing muscles, ligaments, and tension using blocks and straps to support the body as we move gently between poses.

Learn how to slow your body and mind in this yoga class ending with a stress relieving breathing practice and short guided meditation. What better way to release the week and settle into the weekend.

“Liz’s candlelit, calming Friday night yoga class is the perfect way to wind down after a long week. Expect lots of long, relaxed postures – with cushions, blankets and lavender eye masks” Mindy Jhittay, 30 June 2016

See client testimonials for more reviews of my group classes.

What to bring

Wear layers so you can keep warm and bring a pillow and a blanket for extra comfort and relaxation.  All other equipment is provided.

Private 1:1 sessions

Available for all levels of ability, all ages, all body types – explore yoga in the comfort of your own home . 1 hour sessions are £30. Equipment is provided.

1:1 sessions are a great way of deepening your own practice and for those who can’t make a regular yoga class.

Contact me for further information.

See client testimonials for reviews of my group classes.