Meditation and mindfulness

There are many different types of meditation – Transcendental Meditation, Buddhist, Yoga, and Mindfulness to name just a few. In the end, it’s all different ways of achieving the same thing – being present, becoming aware of your true self, and finding peace of mind.

Meditation does not have to involve sitting with your legs crossed, fingers in jnana mudra, eyes closed, visualising a white light. A meditative state is often reached in many other activities like running, cooking, knitting, dancing – anything that absorbs your concentration fully – when you’re just in the moment.

Mindfulness practice helped me during times of stress and anxiety and connecting with meditation started to change my yoga practice into something more fulfilling. I enjoy guiding my students through meditation in class sharing different types of meditation practices that I have tried over the years and during my travels in India and SE Asia. My aim is to share practical tips so that all my students can find some peace of mind.