Client Testimonials

Group classes and 1:1 sessions with Liz

“Finally got round to Yoga after saying I’ll start for a decade. Now a regular yogarer, great class, great people, great teacher.” Rob Byrne, 10 August 2016

“Just had a 1-2-1 class at home that my daughter treated me to for Mothers Day (ages ago, I know). What an amazing experience. You feel instantly at ease with Liz. She listened carefully and ensured that she took into account all my medical needs, personalising the session to account for these. Can’t wait to attend classes regularly. Thank you x” Tracy Mitchell, 30 July 2016

“Liz’s candlelit, calming Friday night yoga class is the perfect way to wind down after a long week. Expect lots of long, relaxed postures – with cushions, blankets and lavender eye masks” Mindy Jhittay, 30 June 2016

“I absolutely love this class and look forward to it every week. Liz is a great teacher, she always makes you feel welcome and comfortable. The class covers all ages and abilities so is great for everyone. Thanks Liz for bringing yoga into my life.” Julia, Southport. 30 April 2016

“A wonderful Yoga class, Liz sets up the room beautifully with candles and incense, instantly calming you as you enter the room. She is a very knowledgeable teacher. It is great to learn whilst doing Yoga, and my partner has become a regular as he was very impressed (he is not easily impressed) So Liz you must be good haha! See you Wednesday xx” Aimee, Southport. 26 April 2016

“Liz, a massive thank you for bringing yoga back into my life at a time I definitely need it. Proof of the benefits – a textbook perfect blood pressure reading despite all the mayhem going on around me. Loving the classes – the mix of poses and meditation. Particularly loving the one to one sessions. I would never have thought after so many years away from “the mat” I’d have managed shoulder stand. Next step head stand! I’ve found it really helpful having the opportunities to work on postures one to one to gain maximum benefit and correct long held errors. With candles, blocks and my favourite lavender eye mask – a totally professional nurturing service. With thanks.” Cathie, Southport. 16 March 2016

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Pregnancy Yoga

“Liz’s classes are wonderful. The pregnancy yoga classes are amazing and really relaxing and supportive. Highly recommended.” Rebecca Murphy, 11 October 2016

“I loved my weekly yoga class, it really helped to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy and also a little time in my week to completely relax. The night after class was always my best night sleep of the week! I would highly recommend the classes. Liz was fantastic.” Jennifer Berrett, 1 August 2016

“I’ve been to yoga on and off for a number of years but have never stuck with it, yet it is something I have been drawn back to time & again. I started attending Renewed You Prenatal Yoga classes when I was 26 weeks pregnant, and now wish I’d started earlier in my pregnancy. In Liz I have found a great teacher, providing a calm, serene experience. I have applied the yoga positions I’ve learned in my day to day life, as back ache and strengthening Braxton Hicks have ailed me recently, and I have found they have really helped. Just as importantly, I am increasingly using the breathing and meditation techniques Liz has taught me, in my busy day to day life looking after a 2 & 4 year old! I really look forward to my ‘sanctuary’ in Liz’s classes every Thursday, and would attend every day if I could! As I near the end of my pregnancy, I am so glad I found these classes, and truly believe they have added so much to my pregnancy experience. I hope to be back in the near future enjoying Liz’s, (non-pregnancy!) classes, once I have recovered from baby’s arrival! Thank you Liz. Namaste x” Alyson Carlin, 26 June 2016

“I contacted Liz after hurting my back during early pregnancy, she gave me so much help & advice, I then started 1-1 prenatal yoga sessions with her in the comfort of my own home. I enjoy every second of the hour she is here, it truly grounds me for the week and keeps me sane from everyday life! I would highly recommend Liz, you won’t find another Yoga teacher as lovely as her.” Jo, Mum-to-Be, Southport. 2 April 2016

Postnatal Yoga – for new mums and babies

“I have done yoga on and off for about 3 years now. But I started with Liz when I was about 25 weeks pregnant and never found a better teacher, I’m now 7 months postpartum and just finished a 4 weeks course of postnatal yoga with her and honestly it’s been amazing I absolutely love her classes, so calm and satisfying and you can definitely tell the difference week to week in progression. She’s even great with my little girl I think they’ve created quite a bond together over the last few weeks! I highly recommend any of her classes and definitely intend to go to alot more in the future” Holli Halton, Southport. 20 September 2016

Corporate Yoga

“We really enjoyed a block of yoga, delivered by the lovely Liz, here at Churchtown Primary School.  The sessions were well organised and resourced and we were all very welcomed warmly.  Liz was able to cater for everyone in the group, depending on our abilities, with everyone feeling safe, secure and at ease.  The moves that we took on developed week by week, building on what we had previously mastered.  These sessions really made us realise how important it is to have an hour to ourselves, during our very hectic lifestyles, where you can take the time to catch your breath…and just breathe!”

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Birthing Workshops

“The Birthing Workshop really helped me to focus and consider alternative options for labour, good practical exercises for mums and partners and it was lovely to end with a relaxing meditation!” Kim

“Liz was passionate from the start to finish, offering thoughts and a different way of thinking. The event wasn’t prescriptive which I liked. It certainly gave me some stuff to think about and try at home”. Jon

This workshop has actually made me feel very reassured that I have exercises I can do to keep me calm and relaxed. Liz gave so much advice on different techniques for myself and birthing partner to do and nothing I would have thought of so I appreciate her time and knowledge and I am now excited to put them into practice.” Jo.

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1/2 Day Yoga Workshops with Liz and Sharon (Strimasana Yoga)

“Simply Superb! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone who wants 4 hours of inner peace. Thank you so much.” Ann

“I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga workshop, it was informative as well as relaxing and calming. The whole event was well organised and the organisers very friendly and helpful.” Helen

“Wonderful serene practice sessions, well presented and thought out. Fabulous cake and a relaxing non-judgemental environment to completely “let go”.” Jane

“Both Sharon and Liz compliment each other’s teaching styles amazingly and I have loved attending this workshop leaving relaxed and with a deeper understanding of yoga. Thanks you lovely ladies!” Chelsea.

“This event was a mixture of an energetic and relaxing practice. It had a spiritual feel. Amazing workshop, I didn’t want it to end.” Angela.

“I was initially apprehensive at attending the workshop but I needn’t have worried. The teachers were welcoming and immediately put me at ease. It was a lovely space to learn in and I enjoyed myself immensely. I would definitely recommend it!” Jen.

“A wonderful inspirational course. I felt totally relaxed afterwards and learned a lot about yoga and meditation”. Amanda

“Thank you both for a brilliant workshop I feel so refreshed and relaxed. I have learnt such a lot and will look up the information you have shared to find out more. It’s so rare to get to spend time on yourself and this is such a wonderful way to do it – thank you.” Helen.

“This was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Yoga, tea and cake. From 1:1 classes to an entire afternoon Liz and Sharon have brought a lot of relaxation and balance back.” Jess

“Thank you both for another wonderful afternoon – a brilliant balance of yin and yang. Tea and cakes were delicious and great to get some of the science behind it all.” Cathie

“I attending a yoga afternoon today as a first newbie to all things yoga. I cannot recommend this afternoon highly enough, so very enjoyable. Thank you! I loved the whole day and huge thank you to Sharon and Liz” Paula

Indian Satsang with Solace 510

“Very atmospheric, friendly, calming and relaxing yoga class followed by a yummy scrumptious Indian meal and lively chat around the table. A thank you present and doggy back of food to take home. Most excellent different way to spend a Saturday evening.” Aly

“A lovely relaxed but professional welcome, beautifully crafted yoga class (loved the props). Mayuri’s meal and lassi was lovingly made and served. I hope dearly that there will be many more nights like this” Jan (Liz’s mum)

“A beautiful evening starting with a calming and uplifting yoga session, warm and friendly company and ending with a heartfelt home cooked Indian meal. I left with a peaceful, grateful and open head and heart” Aimee

“I wish I lived this side of the border!!! Thank you so much for your heart and home.” Francine

“I would highly recommend the Indian Summer Satsang. The venue was very welcoming and relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga practice and it was very calming. The home cooked food was delicious. Thank you Liz and Mayuri.” Helen

“Wonderful mix of relaxing restorative yoga and delicious vegetarian Indian food. Loved it!” Carolyn

“5* Nothing like it around! Delighted with the evening. If you have any reservations just put your name down and work them out after the food!” Rob

“An ideal venue for this type of occasion” Steve

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