Boundaries and blogging

I began this blog in 2015 after I returned to the UK following a 6 month trip of SE Asia and India and my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training. During this time, I had quit my job as a Solicitor, and moved, in absentia, from London, back to my hometown, Southport. So much of what I had believed in my life, about myself, about my values, had been shaken up during my yoga course. I was 32, single, healing from depression, anxiety and stress, feeling like a failure at life, and no longer an employed and respectable lawyer (something I’d been focused on from the age of 13, obsessed with Kavanagh QC). Instead, I was living with my parents & putting myself out there as a self employed spiritual yoga teacher, oms and everything. Culture shock & acclimatisation doesn’t even cover it! This blog was, and remains, my way of processing and sharing my spiritual path. It is intended to be read by those of you interested to learn about my path, my practices, my discoveries, my mistakes and my blessings. 

My spiritual path has had many twists and turns, all of which have been surprising to me, as much as to everyone else. My mum sweetly and sadly told me the other day that she had come to the realisation that I had accidentally emigrated when I left the UK for further spiritual studies in October 2017. I, too, was a little shell shocked to find myself back travelling in November 2018, and to find myself sitting now (happily) with no long term plan at all. 

My surprising spiritual path has been the greatest gift and the hardest experience of my life, so far. In order for me to find myself, my true purpose for being here, and to connect to divine love, I have had to go into all the deep dark scary shadow places of my past, and my programming. Yoga teaches us that our bodies store trauma and upset from our past, our environments, our relationships, our childhoods and from our parents experiences and their parents. I know this to be true. Yoga teaches us that by practising yoga, this stuff churns up to the surface, and you have the choice – to swallow it back down and hide it, or to face it, bring it to the light, and release yourself from it. I chose to face it, feel it and write about it. It is the path of the Divine Feminine to dive deep within and expose your shadow to the light, by loving it all. I know this to be true.

It has been an immensely challenging few years for me surrendering to a spiritual path and trust in the Divine. To accept, understand, and then feel grateful and humbled for all the experiences I have had, but that have also removed me from being ‘Lizzie the Lawyer’, or however else I was seen and loved by family, friends and colleagues. 

And in order to process all of that, I have written starkly and honestly since 2015. I do not apologise for that and I will continue to do so because it helps me and it is helping so many other people navigate their own spiritual path. People don’t always comment publicly in response to what I write, but my last post about Tantric Truths has already helped people, whilst I know it has also upset and shocked others. 

With the greatest love and respect to you, if you do not resonate with my blogs, if you do not like what I have to say, then please stop following me and my posts. Please respect your own boundaries, as I am not writing with the intention of upsetting people and I am not writing for those of you who do not want to hear what I have to say about my spiritual path. I am writing to share my experiences because the spiritual path can be lonely, scary and confusing for those of us seeking to find our way within the consumerist constructs of the Western World, and I write to share and shine a light for those people, and in particular now, for women to connect to themselves and become empowered through spirituality, not further repressed. 

If you have felt confused or concerned by what I post then again, you do not have to read my blogs. I am a 35 year old independent woman discovering spirituality that is a World away from the UK. Yes, I am the relative of people some of you know. I am an old friend, or an old colleague or an old yoga teacher, and you care and are connected to me. I am sincerely grateful for that, but I am also more than that, and I have experienced way more than that now. My family are not part of this path and where I have blurred the boundaries about that in my blogs then I am sorry for that mistake. I am learning too, and I ask that you contact me, and not my family, in relation to my spiritual path and these posts. I am very happy to hear from you. The whole point of my blogs is to share sh!t openly and honestly to create connection. And that doesn’t mean I expect everyone to agree with me or accept my perspective. But I ask that you respect my truth, which may well be very different to yours. 

My life is a rich, wonderful, complicated and sometimes painfully liberating shredding experience. I am not here to pretend it has been easy, so that people feel more comfortable with it. But I am finally at a point, where I can see a little more light of my path forward and it will continue to involve women, sensuality, sexuality and yoga. It is part of my spiritual service to share through these posts and I remain eternally grateful to my family for their support and love. And to you, dear reader, thank you for following me, whether you continue to do so or not. 

With love to you, 
Liz X