Special Announcement: Becoming Bhakti Yoga Workshop – Saturday 13 October 2018 2pm-6pm

Liz of Renewed You Yoga is back in Southport offering this one-off special yoga workshop – Becoming Bhakti – on Saturday 13 October 2018 – 2pm-6pm!

Liz has spent the last 12 months living, breathing, traveling and yoga-ing around India, discovering a deeper connection through yoga and meditation to herself, and to the light and love that rests within us and connects us all. The practice of Bhakti (the yoga of devotion) slowly led and fed Liz with love and discovery of sound & soulful practices such as nāda yoga, mantra and Kīrtan.

During this 4 hour workshop, Liz will guide you inwards to your heart, to a place of love and compassion, as you explore a variety of tried and tested (and more importantly, enjoyable and fun) practices which have guided her on this last year.

1:45 WELCOME and registration
2pm – 3:30pm
Becoming Bhakti begins with a heart opening Hatha yoga class including Akhanda Kundalini kriyas (sequences) to connect to your heart chakra. This session will end with a guided mantra meditation alongside the soothing sounds of the harmonium. 

Experience the supportive sonic sound environment of Nāda yoga – the yoga of sound. Guided by Liz, accompanied with her harmonium, to find and connect to your voice, and the meditative power of sound vibration using breathing and vocal toning techniques. (No singing ability or experience is needed.) 

This empowering super sound session will end with Kīrtan (traditional Indian community folk music & devotional song).

BREAK – for tea and cake of course!
Liz will lead an informal discussion about ‘What Becoming Bhakti’ means to her, sharing techniques and tools, and explaining how Bhakti yoga can help you find more peace, love, contentment in your daily life. This is also an opportunity to ask Liz more about her travels, her personal experience of yoga and India, and how she is continuing to surrender with devotion to Bhakti yoga and grow into her spiritual name, Kīrtan Devi, (given by her guru Yogrishi Vishvketu in Dec 17). 

To end our session together, Liz will guide us through the practice of japa mantra meditation, again, immersing us in another simple, yet effective practice of Bhakti yoga to send you home, soothed, refreshed and feeling all the love.


There are two options for attending this workshop & you are very much encouraged to attend the whole afternoon workshop from 2pm-6pm.
The workshop begins with a traditional Hatha/Kundalini yoga class which involves yoga asana (the postures) and physical movement. This class is suitable for all levels including beginners so please feel welcome to join in even if this your first yoga class! (Please notify Liz before booking if you have any health conditions which you believe may impact you accessing this part of the programme). 

However, if you would prefer not to attend the first session involving physical movement, then please do not be disheartened – you can still explore Bhakti yoga with Liz! The sound based yoga sessions from 3:30pm onwards are all seated activities only and accessible for all. And you won’t miss out on the tea and cake!

£30 per person for the OPTION 1 -the WHOLE EVENT (including Hatha yoga, kundalini yoga and mantra meditation – physical movement required) from 2pm-6pm. 

£22 per person for OPTION 2 – SEATED SOUND SESSIONS for those wishing to explore the yoga of sound section of the workshop only) from 3:30-6pm.


Please message Liz directly to book onto this workshop either through Facebook or by email: LGYogaSouthport@gmail.com. 
Full payment in advance is required and Liz will send you her bank details upon hearing from you. Your place will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment in full.
Should you book on this event, and be unable to attend, 50% of the ticket price will be returned to you if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is provided. Otherwise, full refunds will be made available. 


Liz is delighted to be returning to her home at The Dairy Holistic Hub, 91A King Street, Southport, PR8 1LQ. Please note there is no parking available on site but plenty on the surrounding roads. 

Liz looks forward to sharing this event with you, and the profound healing and joy of these unique yoga practices. 


Faith Energetically Alters Reality – FEAR

Here are some of my fears:
*Before I left for India in October 2017, I was scared of singing anywhere outside the privacy of my car as I hurtled down the coast road. However, a few weeks later and into my 300 hours yoga teacher training I was provided with the spiritual name Kirtan Devi and encouraged to keep singing! As a good girl I followed instructions and you may well have seen me on the beach crooning with the cows… Well this week, I sent an amateur recording of me singing with my harmonium to a yoga colleague who is planning to include it in a yoga podcast! Grateful and bemused!
*I was fearful of cockroaches but I keep travelling with girls who are more scared than me so I have to ‘woman up’ and deal with their scuttling ways… (and scream for help whilst doing it). I also used to be scared of rats. But I just relatively calmly escorted one out of my room whilst writing this blog…
*I was scared that I would go home after this year in India without knowing what my life purpose is. And I was scared about what people would think and how I would ‘defend’ my choices to my concerned family and friends back in the UK. Well, guess what, I fly home in 3 weeks and I remain pretty clueless! 
*I was fearful that I would never connect to myself and experience orgasms. But this last month, I have experienced a fulfilling sexual and loving relationship, and I continue to explore the full capacity for spirtual and sexual orgasm that we, men and women, are truly capable of. 
*I was fearful people would laugh at me if they knew about my sexual fears and limitations. So I wrote a blog about it and explored tantric healing, and again wrote about it on the Internet.
*I was scared to go to Varanasi alone because it is India at its craziest but I am in the process of heading there solo at the weekend.
*I am scared in headstand that I’ll fall and hurt myself…because I have before! I once crash landed on the edge of a coffee table – don’t recommend it. But today for the first time in about 5 months I got back up in headstand, against the wall. And I understood that this asana shows me how I still need to develop full trust in my body and how fear can still limit me. And to be mindful of my movements, slow down and ensure that there are no coffee tables around….
*I was fearful that I was going to return home to the UK with no money. And after spending a small fortune on 10 weeks of unforgettable and priceless yoga teacher training this year, being rinsed at a private hospital in Delhi (without valid travel insurance), not working for 47 weeks of the last year, but proceeding to eat enthusiastically around India and Nepal, I am returning to the UK with approximately £2,000 to my name. AND armed with a plan to spend all of it on more travel and on a Women’s Circle Yoga Teacher Training course in Thailand in December…. 

*I was scared of hurting my mother, my family and friends who miss me, because I wanted to continue travelling instead of trying to ‘make life work again’ in the UK. But after admitting how I felt, even my mama supports me in following my heart and my dreams, on the proviso that there’s a long lingering overdue cuddle coming in October. 
So you could read the above and think ‘well, this girl has gone totally crazy!’. And that’s one perspective. The other is understanding that I have already taken a leap of faith. And because of living a life in faith, and believing in love, I have committed to trusting the Universe over this last year. And I cannot and do not want to stop now because I feel so much happier and more contented with my life, and in myself (more importantly) than I ever have before. I have surrendered into the unknown and I have begun to trust that fizz of excitement in my heart that has led me into every extraordinary encounter of this last year.

Faith means trusting that the Universe wants me to continue to heal, and to continue to find my way, blindly it appears at times! It is testing me to develop trust, patience and faith. To develop my skills in listening to my heart, to my intuition, and to my fears, so that along the way I will be able to offer you more as I continue to seek how best to serve God. 
Fear holds many of us back – it can paralyse us, cause our breath to quicken and our courage to falter. But Faith has Energetically Altered my Reality. It has begun to release me from my misunderstanding of fear and it has led me, inch by inch, closer to realising my dreams. It has brought me love, laughter, pain, release, magic and song. It has brought me new friendships, new beliefs, and the insight to know when I am holding myself back. Fear is the mirror of Faith, it is the opposite of trusting your heart, and that’s why I am so grateful for all of my fears, even the ones that still plague me, because they illuminate what my heart truly wants. 
My fear that I cannot afford to travel for much longer shows me that I want desperately to have the continued freedom to explore this amazing World and eat copious amounts of Pad Thai.
My fear that I am running out of time to meet someone and have lots of sex and babies shows me that I want a family, and that I need to be open, honest, and available. Fear of it not happening showed me that I am actually  ready for it to happen now. I am ready to gamble with my heart all over again, for the biggest prize of all – my own family of love. 
So I invite you to consider what your fears are and to ask yourself what are they actually trying to show you- what is the message from your heart that the slight panicky feeling of anxiety is disguising? Because you can go beyond your fears too, and you can also learn to decipher the language of fear, and translate it into Faith. Fear, like everything, also changes. Your fears now are not the same fears you had when you were 5 years old, unless you still believe the bogey-man lives under your bed! For me, it’s appears to be a rat….
We have the choice whether or not to become beholden to our fears. And instead, I offer you the idea to welcome them, make friends with them and listen to what they are trying to show you. Because having Faith in yourself, if not in God, changes the energy of fear and the impact on your life choices. Ultimately, I have found that faith in something greater than myself has set me free of the trappings of fear, and it does indeed alter your reality. 
And this is why I decided it’s time, again, for another leap of faith. This time to Thailand. This time with less expectation. And this time with less fear of what will happen, because I have faith that it is all for my own good. Because I have come so far in learning how to dance with Faith and Fear and surrendering to it all. 

With love.

Becoming Bhakti

There have been two places I knew I had to visit this year – one was McLeod Ganj, returning to that special, scenic, soothing reading and tea drinking spot of October 2015. The other was Leh – the unknown land of lakes and Himalayan mountains.

What has become clear upon learning in and leaving both of these beautiful places is that I was surely guided there by my intuition. I was guided there by the Universe. Because magic happened. Healing happened in both places.

Quite quickly into my year trip in India I realised my soppy sappy defensive heart yearns for connection to God through Bhakti yoga – the practice of love. In order to connect, you have to be open hearted, vulnerable and surrender in devotion, and it’s fair to say my heart has been carefully wrapped under dense anxiety ridden protective layers for most of my life and it’s been an active healing process with 3 years of camel pose (a heart opening asana which I no longer boil with rage through), chanting and changing how I treat and feel about myself with self love and self care, using mantra and song to connect to the sensual, expressive energy of the Goddess Lalita, and by learning how to trust love in all its glorious forms.

I’m a rather impatient overachiever – and it’s fair to say I’ve expected to blast through this spiritual process with the same ruthless charm (I hope) as I attacked half marathons, & job interviews in the Legal world. And I was frustrated every time I would hear that healing, that ‘The Path’, all unfolds in its own time and when you are ready – at the right time.

But those wiser souls were correct!

My heart was blasted open in my 7.5 weeks in Leh. And I’ve been taught how to hold my nerve through the magical movement of life (and the nauseating night bus back to Manali) and truly surrender to a new found understanding of love.

I have been healed and held by the beauty of the mountains, the icy cold streams and motionless clear blue lakes. I’ve been safe at home within myself, and the home of my sweet guesthouse, being force-fed extra meals and chai by the family there. My heart has been warmed by the beauty of new friends, fresh ladakhi bread for breakfast, beside bonfires, beneath stars and through countless rounds of shithead (the ONLY card game for people who enjoy smugness) and, finally, by the tremendous connection with one particular charming Italian man.

There’s a quote (I think by the spiritual legend Ram Dass) that if you think you are enlightened, then go live with your parents. (Did that.. and it confirmed my suspicion that I’m not anywhere near….) I say, if you think you’ve healed your insecurities around love, then go let someone into your heart.

For the first time in a very long time I met someone who mirrored the dreams in my heart. Who spoke about wanting a big family, travel, the adventures, the dogs and the daughters. Who could even imagine me as a mother lying beside my baby girls, caressing me with tiny little hands of love. A man who as a result of his grounding, affection and sensitive presence made me stop hiding under bluster and confront the aching truth of my own heart.

My dreams of love, of a husband and children are something which I’ve tried very hard for years to be ok with not existing, and I’ve been finding contentment in life without them (you know, just in case I run out of eggs, use up my funny lines and my relatively pert boobs surrender to gravity, and towards my knees) but which in the face of this most recent heart obliterating process is simply not the truest reflection of my heart’s desires.

My heart has been continually shattered since I surrendered to wherever the path of yoga needs to take me. So, what do you do when your heart is raw and thudding achingly with another deepening crack despite a long held fear of love? Well, if you are like me, you cry, you breathe and decide to keep it that way. I have surrendered into the messy pain of the unknown & the sick pain of heartache and goodbye. I have surrendered all of the emotion and snot to the Universe with gratitude that this man even existed, and that he came into my life and heart not once, but twice. That he ignited my truth – the one I’ve tried to be better and braver than.

That after a long year of self healing, self exploration and self love I give thanks that the Universe answered my prayers and sent me a man, a connection, when I was ready to embrace it. That I spent 3 glorious weeks with someone who inspires me to want even more from this life. To believe I am capable of more – of loving more, and perhaps of coming back to Leh to climb the mountain peaks that I’ve not felt quite ready for.

After years of dating, of ‘singledom’, it’s been scarier for me to finally meet a man who is emotionally open, to have my dreams reflected back in deep brown kind eyes, whilst accepting that the experience of being seen and held in the arms of an adventurous man always had a ticking temporary timeframe.

So it remains a true test in faith to see what happens in the unknown after saying goodbye to all the love I found in Leh. Perhaps moving on is necessary to create space for something else I need to learn in my last month in India? Perhaps I’m to use this experience to strengthen my resolve and faith in the loving guidance of God before I return home to the sometimes spiritually unsupportive value system in the West? Perhaps it’s to continue to develop my faith, manifest more, to wait again, and then finally be ready to welcome into my life truly what my heart beats for. At the right time.

If you trust love and understand its lessons then every type of love changes you – it changes the beat of your heart and I can no longer deny what I want thanks to the light, love and laughter this man shone into my life. Or, of how fearful I have been that it may never come true.

Love, like the mountains he climbs, involves risk and ridges. Perhaps it includes the death of your previous held beliefs, nerve wracking assents, scary knee knocking slides back down to Earth (ungraciously on your arse if you’re me) to dust yourself off and start again. Even the odd axe may be required to shatter your illusions, & those precious icy defences you thought kept you safe.

Love isn’t linear. It doesn’t lead to anything other than a deeper knowing of yourself if you are willing to face yourself – wholly and with acceptance of all that lurks within. Love is about experience and immersing yourself fully even if you know it’s temporary and no promises can be made. Because in reality they never can. Life constantly changes and you constantly have to learn to let go and begin again.

Sometimes you are held back from your plans to trek with a slightly dodgy tummy because you are meant to meet an incredible man in your guesthouse a couple of nights later, and then at other times your separate plans mean you have to say another red-faced snotty goodbye (me, not him). Love is knowing either experience is for your own good, your progression and learning about love. About how to embrace love when you have it. To give thanks. And to let it go. And to realise under the thudding pain of your beating heart that it’s all love at the end of the day. That the Universe wants me to heal, keep healing, keep loving and that’s why after months of self work, She, the Divine Mother, sent me a love, sent me a fellow dreamer, sent me a sign to keep manifesting, keep doing my practice, to keep doing the spiritual work but most importantly how to finally bear the honest truth in my heart. So that I can steer myself in love, to a future of love, because of Her Divine Love.

And that is Bhakti – a complete surrender every and all the time back to the loving guidance and wonder of the love of God. To accept the gifts in this life as they arise, to let them go when the time comes and to believe you are loved unconditionally. And finally, through all of the lessons of this last year, I know I am.

With blessings and love to you. And in particular to those beautiful souls I shared ‘home’ with in Rai Wa guesthouse, Leh. X