Free Taster Yoga Classes on Saturday 6 August 2016 at Southport Yoga Centre

Dear All

To celebrate my move to the Southport Yoga Centre (Shakespeare Centre, Shakespeare Street – behind Momma’s House) I am offering a free day of Yoga on Saturday 6 August 2016!

All you need to do is email me directly to confirm your place in an available class. There has been a slight change to the class timetable for next Saturday. An extra restorative class is now available and spaces are still available in the following free 45 minute taster classes:

9:30-10:15 Introduction to Akhanda Yoga – Only 5 mats left

10:45-11:30 Pregnancy Yoga (Max 10) – spaces available

2:00-2:45 Postnatal Yoga with pre-crawlers – spaces available

3.15-4.00 Introduction to Akhanda Yoga- spaces available

4.30-5:15 Restorative Yoga – Spaces available

5:45-6:30 Restorative Yoga – only 7 mats left.

Email me at to confirm your spot. Already looking forward to teaching you all next week!



Payment and booking changes

Dear All,

As confirmed in class last night Wednesday’s Akhanda Hatha Yoga class will now be pre-booking only in line with all my other classes. To book your place, payment must be made in advance and you can pay via PayPal to or contact me for my bank details. It’s also possible to pre-pay in cash in a previous class if that’s easier for you.

As you all know I am moving to a new yoga home (Southport Yoga Centre, Shakespeare Street, behind Momma’s House) and as of Monday 8 August 2016 my class prices will be increased as follows:

  • Akhanda Hatha Yoga and Restore & Renew – one hour classes will be £6.00.
  • Prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga classes will be £9.00 (paid for in blocks of 4 (£36.00) with the first class available to try for £11.

To celebrate my move – please come and join me for free yoga taster sessions on 6 August 2016 at Southport Yoga Centre. Email me directly to confirm your place. Spaces are still available. See here for further details.

I know there are lots of announcements and changes so feel free to contact me to discuss anything. I know not everyone has access to PayPal or online banking and I will be as flexible as I can be.

Thank you for your continued support.

Liz x

Renewed You Yoga at Southport Yoga Centre from 29 July 2016

I am very pleased to announce that from Friday 29 July 2016 I will be teaching from the beautiful studio space at the peaceful and secluded Southport Yoga Centre off Shakespeare Street! All Renewed You Yoga and Renewed You Yoga-Prenatal Yoga classes will be moving to the Centre and I will be expanding my programme of Akhanda Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes and offering Postnatal Yoga for new mums and babies!

I would like to thank Aimee Leighton at Massage Therapy Rooms By Aimee, in Birkdale, Cheryl Hindley at the Southport and District Temperance Institute, and Lee at the Argyle Tennis Club for their support and the beautiful spaces I’ve had the pleasure to teach in so far and I look forward to continuing to work with them with other yoga, health and wellbeing ventures.

To share my excitement for this fantastic new opportunity, I invite you to join me for a free welcome day of Yoga on Saturday 6 August 2016! I will be running a mix of classes all day, for free, for you to come down and see the new venue and perhaps meet me and try yoga for the first time.

My ‘Yoga Mission Statement’ is to share the truth that Yoga is inclusive and suitable for all ages, all body types, men and women. Many people believe that they are not flexible, thin enough, young enough or fit enough for Yoga but in fact Yoga is the perfect way to introduce a balanced physical exercise into your life and learn meditation and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in your busy life.

Free taster classes on Saturday 6 August will be available as follows:

9:30-10:15 Introduction to Akhanda Yoga

(Max 15)


Pregnancy Yoga

(Max 10)


Restorative Yoga *FULL*

(Max 10)


Postnatal Yoga with pre-crawlers

(Max 10 adults)


Introduction to Akhanda Yoga

(Max 15)




(Max 10)


Restorative Yoga

(Max 10)


All places will be first come first served and must be reserved in advance. If you would like to come to one of these free taster sessions then please contact me at or on 07734180488 (I will be unavailable by telephone from 21 – 26 July 2016 so leave me a message and I’ll come back to you!).

Limited parking is available on site or for free on some of the surrounding roads.

*A note for mums and mums to be:-

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable for all stages of pregnancy but mum’s-to-be are also welcome in my Restorative Yoga classes. Akhanda Yoga classes are not suitable for pregnant ladies at 20 weeks or over.

Postnatal classes are open to mums and their babies from 6 weeks old up to pre-crawling age. These classes help to welcome mums back to their body after childbirth and offer a special opportunity to bond with your baby. Mums who have had caesareans may attend this class or Restorative Yoga after 8 weeks post labour and approved by your GP.

Thank you to Mark Watts for this great opportunity. I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Liz x



Mums the Word – yoga opportunities for mums and mums to be in Southport

Southport mums and mums to be – check out Mums the Word offering great opportunities for mums and mums to be to relax, try yoga and many other activities to bond with your new baby. I’m thrilled to be working with them! Now up –  a  4 week yoga course for only £10! Spaces are limited and booking in advance is required through Mums the Word. Contact Julie:

Namaste xx

When you wish upon a star…

Those of you who know me or who have perhaps read a couple of these blogs can see that I can often be a no-nonsense cynical kind of soul but one who has (hopefully) mellowed a tad since taking up yoga and finding a softer side. I think I’m now a cross between a geek and a hippy – a geppy or a heek (nope, I can see neither will catch on…) what with my hiking boots and my nose piercing, oh, and the chanting and meditating under trees… But there’s a spectrum with Yoga and I still consider myself to be at the relatively ‘sensible’ end. I am Northern after all.

A yogic lifestyle includes devotional practice (Bhakti yoga) which could mean, for example, dedicating your yoga practice to your teachers, a particular Hindu God/Goddess or to the Earth or the Universe. Some people have shrines and provide offerings, wear charms, chant mantras for specific Gods/Goddesses and go ‘all out’ on this side of things. I admit that I have a rose quartz crystal (for self-love and healing) and my mantelpiece is slowly stocking up with fat laughing buddhas, dreamcatchers, Ganesha artefacts and elephants for prosperity (yep – hippy) but I don’t (at the moment) actively pray to a particular God/Goddess or include it frequently in my day to day practice. That said, I do always light a candle before beginning my yoga practice each morning (fire is a symbol of transformation and of letting go) and I often thank my teachers for their guidance and ask the Universe (in a rather loose sense) to continue to guide me.

The reason I mention this is because it does appear someone or something is watching me or just snooping in my journal…

The other night I took a moment to write in my journal, something I am only getting to every couple of months, and the last entry was back in May on the night before my 33rd birthday. I won’t bore you with the detail (trust me – the unedited workings of my mind are rather mundane) but at the end I had made a little list of things I would like my 34th year to bring. The list included ‘food and yoga’, fuller classes, a ‘home’ to teach in and a little romance. I flipped back and in February I’d done the same thing – that list included time to cook more creatively and to find local friends on my heek/geppy wavelength. Outside of my journaling I have also, over many months, been expressing my dismay to my father about the limited recycling facilities for our block of flats as we can currently only recycle plastic and cardboard. In my rather exercised state I had even threatened to write to the Council about it!

Anyway, the weeks have rolled on and I gave no real thought to the requests I had put out there in my journal and the rants in my kitchen and I failed to get around to writing to the Council! But upon review the other night I appear to have checked off quite a lot of the list! I am in the process of moving to a new fixed ‘yoga home’ in Southport (more on that to come), I have entered the delicate dance of dating openly and honestly, I co-hosted an Indian Summer Satsang in June (food and yoga) and I have found a spiritual group where I can stand with like-minded people under trees. To top it off, my dad has also received a letter from the Council confirming that better recycling facilities are being introduced! Thank you Universe.

Being a rational Northerner I believe that new opportunities have come my way because I have been making effort in the right places, building up my business, marketing and coming up with creative opportunities. But I’ve also been working on letting some emotional baggage go and I have created space in my life so that change can come. Time wise, I spend less of it watching TV and I turn my phone onto airplane mode at night so that I can do my yoga practice the next morning without any real external noise getting into my brain first. Whilst I do sometimes find myself at a loss of how to fill that unusual silence (which was filled by Game of Thrones or checking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – social media is said to be helpful for a fledging business), I do think that using my time differently, with slightly more nourishing time for myself, along with Yoga, has helped shift things and paved the way for what has been a dizzying degree of change in the last 12 months. This time last year I was in Malaysia debating whether to leave my job and I had no clue what would follow if I did.

Don’t mistake me, the Universe has not sent me everything that I want but I am learning to see that it is sending me what I need, for now. I am learning how to step back from certain situations to see the bigger picture, to try and accept the present moment for what it is rather than getting carried away with what it could be. I know that things will go wrong, be challenging, and that there will be disappointments along the way. Life is hard and bad things happen to good people without rhyme or reason but I do think a more positive mind-set, and setting realistic intentions for what I’d like to achieve on a short term basis (leaving aside World Peace, marrying Ryan Gosling/Daniel Craig, reversing the EU referendum vote and developing longer legs) is something for you to try as well.


1/2 day Yoga Workshop 10 July 2016

Looking forward to seeing those of you booked in to our workshop tomorrow! We are in the upstairs ballroom at The Temperance Institute, 65 London Street, Southport.
Registration is at 1:45pm where the remainder of the balance can be paid before we begin. 
Please wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a pillow and blanket for extra comfort and a pen and paper in case you wish to make some notes! All other equipment will be provided. 

A cul-de-sac of consciousness

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned that I had managed to make yoga stressful due to my Type A personality and the realisations have not stopped there. It appears that I am quite frankly nuttier than a whole nut. Oh, you had already realised this? Well, I am still learning the extent of my madness and it also transpires that I am not comfortable being happy. I am incapable of accepting the good things coming my way. I would rather be nervous and braced for disappointment in things outside of my control despite knowing that everything is actually out of my control except for my own happiness… This is called a cul-de-sac of consciousness. By me.

This isn’t complete news to me as in my late teens my best friend and I used to agree that if you were too happy or excited you would only tempt fate to come and kick you in the genitals (I was kicked in the muff by a girl in the playground when I was 11 and can confirm that it hurts). I used to feel safe with this cynical perspective – I’d put it down to just being Northern and perhaps even a little bit wiser than most – well you wouldn’t go walking in the rain without a waterproof would you?! And this attitude made an appearance in many aspects of my life – sometimes feeling like a fraud as a lawyer – just waiting for a client or a colleague to realise I had no effing clue what Rah v Rah was really about and with men – enjoying that first kiss/first bit of rumpy-pumpy (yeah I read Enid Blyton as a child) but then panicking that it was too soon, that it was all they were after and they would realise someone else would do it better, more often and with more impressive and orgasm inducing moves than me….

In Hinduism they believe in reincarnation and that we repeat experiences in each lifetime, or over many lifetimes, until we learn that particular lesson, pass go and move up a rung to the next hurdle. Exhausting huh? I had one friend ask me recently what I thought I was like in a past life and I told her straight that I’m having enough difficulties over-analysing this one thank you very much! Throughout our lives we develop patterns of behaviour from our experiences in childhood, decisions in later life and by failing to truly listen to our selves, to our souls. We even inherit patterns of behaviour from our ancestors! We quite literally live in Groundhog Day – dating the same types of men/women, reacting to the same problems at work or in life in the same way just with a different cast of characters. Now you don’t have to be a Hindu and believe in reincarnation to practice Yoga, to believe in the science of Yoga, to reap the benefits of Yoga but there are moments when I can see some truth in this belief as I become more aware of how I am repeating behaviours and facing my issues, yet again. And it’s tiring. Part of me believes it would have been easier to have kept sleepwalking through life as I was 18 months ago. But I wasn’t happy then either. A cul-de-sac of consciousness… (catching on?)

I have so much to be grateful for at the moment. There are constant little yoga based opportunities presenting themselves to me and I have been spending joyous amounts of time with good friends from near and afar and a short holiday is on the horizon. I have my health (apart from a bad back – bolsters again!) and I have my family around me in good health and in often irritatingly good humour! There is also my ‘friend with benefits’ who has turned out not to be just a friend after all. It appears that me seeking to ‘control’ that situation with my innate wisdom was in fact bullsh1t and thankfully this said man has stuck around and ignored my clearly stated intentions and wishes… Something we applaud here, I think… I have no idea what will happen next but I do know that he has shown me already that I am totally full of crap and have no idea what is best for me in a romantic sense at all (although I do remain convinced Ryan Gosling and I would work out splendidly).

Sometimes I get a chill down my spine when I cuddle my dog, or watch my parents being them and realise how fleeting life really is and I wonder how much longer I will have them all with me (neglecting that I could actually be the first to reach the next rung of life…) but then the dog will trip me up and one (or both) of my parents will wind me up and normal careless service is resumed. We each have blind spots and mine is focussing on my needs, my heart and putting myself first. I worry too much about doing the right thing by other people. I always assumed I was brave as I stood out alone, fighting along the tide of life without the support of a Partner and I still believe you are better off alone than staying in an unhealthy relationship. But I can see that sometimes, for the right reasons, it is braver to admit you no longer wish to be alone, and to see what someone else can teach you.

So my challenge is to continue to ignore that little voice of doom that pipes up again and again, and to actually let go of my pretty pathetic attempts to control my heart and my life and ‘go with the flow’. To acknowledge that I can’t protect ‘my friend’, myself, or anyone else in my life from sadness, hurt and disappointment. Just writing this is slightly traumatising not only because it’s ‘tempting fate’ but because he will read it, and so will my parents and friends who are rooting for me to find happiness because they can see I deserve it and it’s always been me that’s been on the side-line scared of disappointing them with my disappointments.

Many a cliché is thrown about that life is for living, that we never stop learning, there are no mistakes, it’s all part of the journey, not reaching a destination, and I recognise all this to be true and helpful in my rational mind. 18 months ago my mental health became too compromised for me to carry on with the show and I had to make some changes which led to embracing Yoga and Meditation and then on to travel, adventure and Yoga Teacher Training. In the midst of panic, sadness and anxiety I chose to give it all up and step forward into the unknown, one shaky step at a time. And that’s the lesson I need to remember now – that it’s all just one more step forward, just one at a time, but that sometimes there is a smooch or two along the way.